PAUL DAV!Z was born 'up north,' ages ago, and has been drawing quietly in the corner for as long as he can remember. At school he drew on his school books and got told off. A few years later, he got a grown up job at a pyjama factory, but was told off for drawing on important things. He was given an official letter of warning...which he promptly drew on.

He left his job and moved to 'that' London with no money, no plan, but just a feeling. His head was a series of files, files filled with ideas and memories. Committed to memory, they must now be committed to paper. Dav!z claims that his great influences are Northern Soul patches, dead country and western stars, Soviet matchbox covers, cheap cinema advertising, Mad magazine, Ronald Searle, Mort Drucker, and the art of small ads.

A self-taught artist, Paul says “I’m nothing, if not industrious,” producing hundreds of images, for storyboards, children’s books and magazines every year.

Client list: Polycell, Oxford University Press, Canon Cameras, Ryder Truck Rental, Shell, Argos, Honda, British Airways, Mobil, N.E.C., Royal Mail, Johnson & Johnson, NatWest, Financial Times, M.I.M.M.S., American Express, D.H.L., Yamaha, British Caledonian, Butter council, L.R.T., Scottish Water, C.I.C. Video, Dunnes Stores, Burton Group, D.T.I., Welsh Water, Tesco, Philips (U.K.), Harper Collins, Express Parcels, Strongbow, Macdonalds, Direct Line, D.O.E., Vauxhall Motors, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries, Football Association, Typhoo Tea, Cadbury's, Channel 4, Marks & Spencer, Bloomsbury, Marshall Cavendish, B.B.C., House of Fraser, B.M.W., The Daily Telegraph, Nivea, Cambridge University Press, Laughing Cow, U.N.I.C.E.P., Holiday Inn, Incisive Media, Eurostar, Glenlivet, Cambridge folk festival, Tango, Virgin, Actimel, Mr Muscle, Walkers Crisps, Mars, Weetabix, Powergen, Schweppes, BSB Sky, Cheetos, Nutrigrain, Axe, Kellogs, What Car?, Ravensburger, What Digital Camera? T3, Time Out (New York,) Future Publishing, Scholastic, Batchelors, Heinz, Vicks, Nissan, More>Than, Whiskas, Del Monte, Dairy Lea, Citroen, Grey Healthcare, BBH (New York and London), Euro RSCG, Y&R, Saatchi, Ogilvy and Mather, et al...

Paul is a highly skilled graphic artist with over 30 years of experience in the fields of advertising, design and publishing. After giving life to other people’s creative ideas, he is now delighting audiences with his unique graphic style and a rather curious new name - Daviz Industries!